Patrick Mkoma | Founder & CEO

Experience| Patrick has served as; Regional Hubs Revenue Manager at JAZA Energy; Marketing Specialist & Regional Sales Consultant at WASSHA Corporate Company; and Field Sales Supervisor at Offgrid Electric Tanzania.

Sefania Amnon| Co-Founder & COO

Experience| Sefania has served as; Agent Care Supervisor & Regional Manager at AZURI Technologies Tanzania; Sales Agents Coordinator at MOBISOL Company; and Sales Leader at Offgrid-Electric Tanzania.

Samuel Mshana|Co-Founder & CTO

Experience| Samuel has served as; Expansion Manager & Construction Engineer at JAZA Energy; Technical Director at R & S Company Ltd; and Technician at Reime Tanzania ltd.

Heri Marco |Partner & Advisor

Experience| Heri has served as a venture builder at the Research & Development Network, an Economist at the Ethics Secretariat, and UNDP Tanzania. He is also the founder and CEO of Bid My Safari.