Energy =GOOD LIFE!

Energy means life to off-grid rural areas communities! It is more than lighting homes and businesses! Energy significantly contributes to the value of life for people in off-grid rural areas.

On Nov 20, 2023 Our CEO and COO represented RUMO energy to the Funguo program event of Unveiling of Funguo cohort 2 Investees which involved showcasing, networking and announcing the list of cohorts 2 investees. We were honored to be one among the successful investees of cohort two Funguo program in Tanzania.

Light street businesses to increase income and reduce poverty. RUMO Energy provides affordable and genuine solar energy to increase the adaptation of clean energy to off-grid communities. 


Energy is Love.

Energy is education. Clean energy is essential for children to study in conducive environments.


Energy is Friendship


Energy is Hope


Energy is Income


Energy is Employment


Energy is Confidence

Energy is Businesses! 08
Energy is Partnership 09
Energy is Smile 10

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